Launching stories loudly and unapologetically in Ventura County since 1993.



Famously referred to as a workshop that "teaches you how to be alive," Kim Maxwell's acting, writing and public speaking classes use storytelling as a medium to find your voice. What are you waiting for? Get a creative kick in the pants and start your journey.

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The Townies Podcast is like The Moth meets Prairie Home Companion... if Lake Woebegone were real. "The Townies" features the stories of the wonderful people from our tiny fishbowl of a town, told in front of a live audience of wonderful people also from this tiny fishbowl of a town.

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Kim Maxwell Studio is an arm of The Townies, Inc., a 501C3 non-profit company. The Townies, Inc. aims to connect people, one story at a time.
With particular emphasis on the stories of diverse and marginalized communities, The Townies, Inc. seeks to employ storytelling as a means to inspire conversation rooted in equity, empathy and social justice.