Launching stories loudly and unapologetically in Ventura County since 1993.



Famously referred to as a workshop that "teaches you how to be alive," Kim Maxwell's acting, writing and public speaking classes use storytelling as a medium to find your voice. What are you waiting for? Get a creative kick in the pants and start your journey.

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Our podcast is like The Moth meets Prairie Home Companion... if Lake Woebegone were real. "The Townies" features the stories of the wonderful people from our tiny fishbowl of a town, told in front of a live audience of wonderful people also from this tiny fishbowl of a town.

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Hey! We have opinions! And questions! And answers to questions! And interviews and lists of our favorite storytellers and movies and plays and songs and updates on where KMS students are now and it's all on our blog. Welcome to our collective mind.

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Kim Maxwell Studio is a 501c3 non-profit company that relies 100% upon donations and class tuition to operate.
All donations are tax deductible and much appreciated by our staff and scholarship students who directly benefit from your generosity.

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