Usually it starts with a phone call. Usually with somebody who's stuck on something: maybe they're writing their thesis and have hit a wall. Maybe they need a little help putting together their wedding vows. Maybe they have an audition coming up or some kind of a speech at city hall or a presentation at work...

My classes, both group and private, are about reminding my students that they are enough. Exactly as they are.

But there are those days where we get up and we think, "Ugh, I just really don't want to do this today." Or, "I'm tired. I'm sad. And I'm frustrated." Or, "NOOOOO, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME."

We tend to associate certain emotions as positive or negative. But who we are is incredibly complex. The idea is not to train someone to seem "happier" or "better" or "more confident" than their normal self but rather to help students embrace the good and the bad and to allow them to be more of who they are and to learn to trust that that's enough.

Because I think the greatest stories and storytellers and speakers are the ones that reflect the complexity of life.

In my sessions, you learn to feel what you feel and still get the work done. Together, we will build you a customized toolkit from exercises accummulated over nearly 30 years of teaching. My goal is to help you create a sense of consistency and unapologetic authenticity in your work and in your life. 

I really treasure my private sessions because we really get deep into the process of uncovering how somebody sees themselves, how they think about themselves so that they're not judging things as good and bad but they're just noticing everything, all of who they are and figuring out how to invest that into what they're doing so it's a more fully realized, more connected communication. Whether it's on the page, out loud... we're all afraid of different things and to find a way to include that authentically and with strength is to represent your humanity at its fullest which I think compelling as hell and very charismatic.