June 26th - July 12th, 2020

I think Kim, Lily, and Pat arrived in Monte Castello a week early... And they must have spent that time gathering together the perfect ingredients we needed to write magical stories. Then I think they spread them through the streets, in the piazza, in the “teatro piccolo” and also in the patchwork of golden wheat fields, vineyards, and woods that surround the medieval town. Anyway, It’s very hard to write something that does it all justice— but, in my heart, I know I’ve just had the most totally unique, special, and terrific two weeks. And I cannot imagine not returning next year!
— Nadine Scully, Writer & Townies Abroad Alum 2019

Kim’s class has been described by many people as transformative and self-reflective and invigorating and FUN and as a place to connect with people you have a lot more in common with than you might have originally thought. Now, take all of those ingredients and throw them on a plate with local tomatoes, burrata, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar in a beautiful medieval town in the foothills of Umbria, Italy.

What if you spent two weeks writing and rewriting and creating and walking around in a quiet hilltop castle right in the middle of the agricultural belt of Umbria? What if you relaxed yourself back to the place where your authentic self and voice were nurtured and cultivated? What if you slept in and stayed up late and ate fresh pizza and did wine tastings and prepared to present a piece of your very own writing in a 200-year-old, recently restored opera house?

Writing Retreat Ojai Ventura County

In this absolutely idyllic setting, give yourself permission to slow down and listen to yourself, your needs, your passion and your wisdom and the wisdom of your classmates. Draw inspiration from the surrounding ancient ruins, the freshly made pasta, the stone walkways, the cathedrals, the history… and find new strength in performing your new works on a centuries-old stage with more words and stories and songs inside than one could even begin to try to calculate.

With the invaluable guidance of local connoisseurs and newly anointed Townies, David Voros and Eros Tassi, that’s exactly what will be facilitated with The Townies Abroad.

David Voros and Eros Tassi.

A combination of Kim’s 10-week workshop that she’s been teaching for 25 years and her 1-week workshop at the Ojai Playwrights Conference that she’s taught for 15 years, this 2-week-long program will strike a balance between work and play and structure and adventure and exploration and reflection. With 5 hours of class every weekday and the rest of the day and to nap, to explore, or to continue creating, your “emotional bucket” will be absolutely overflowing in time to give a killer, once-in-a-lifetime kind of performance at the Teatro della Concordia.

Your tuition includes: airport pickup and welcome reception, welcome bottle of wine in each room, room and board (including 3 meals per day on weekdays, 2 meals on Saturdays and Sundays cooked by Chef Katia Costanzi with all local, organic ingredients), house wine at mealtimes, “The Umbrian Kitchen” tasting class with Chef Katia, a TBD all-day Umbrian excursion, ballroom dancing lessons, a post-performance celebration, farewell dinner, airport drop-off and more.

CLICK HERE to download the 2019 informational brochure — updated brochure coming soon!

Very limited space available. For more information email:

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