Kim Maxwell Studio officially opened its doors in September 2013 after a wildly successful IndieGoGo campaign that raised $35,000 towards our startup and first-year costs. Our mission is to teach people to launch their stories loudly and unapologetically into the world: to laugh more, risk more, and have bigger lives.

So what the heck does that mean?

In every country, every state, every province, every territory, there are people that are just like us. People that have crushes and to-do lists and fears and bad qualities and good ones and laughs that make us laugh, and yet... we find ourselves separated. Stories are what make us realize that we are not all so different. "I fell in love." "I dropped my phone in the toilet." "I got my heart broken." "I was made to feel that I don't matter." This understanding that strangers are maybe not so strange after all, is what creates empathy and pushes us towards social justice and change.

We at Kim Maxwell Studio believe that when we stop thinking in the abstract about the people that pass us on the street and the struggles they face every day, things will get better for everyone. We may not all have the same story, but we have stories all the same.

Stories are what connect us. And it is our mission to teach people to launch their stories, loudly and unapologetically into the world: to laugh more, risk more, and have bigger lives. So that we might find ourselves a little less divided from the joys and woes of the wonderful people around us.

-Lily Brown, Managing Director / Producer

Meet Our Staff

KIM MAXWELL, Founder, Principal & Producer of The Townies Podcast

Kim Maxwell is the Founder/Executive Director of The Townies, Inc. She is a producer, director, writer, mother, teacher, wife, Founder/Principal at Kim Maxwell Studio and Creator/Producer of The Townies Podcast. She is Co-Founder of the Ojai Playwrights Conference, serving as Board Member and Director of its Youth Program for 20-years. Kim is also Co-Founder and served as co-Artistic Director of Theater 150 for 11-years.

Kim’s transformative style of teaching has inspired absolute beginners and professional actors alike. With her compassionate guidance, students undertake the fulfilling and transformative process of discovering, developing and performing their own stories. From preteens to senior citizens, Kim’s students, over a thousand in number, have gathered in living rooms, theaters, and even detention centers throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties to share their stories and have their voices heard.

In 30 years of serving her community, Kim Maxwell has produced three successful theater companies, 32 stage productions, 28 fundraisers, 82 readings, 12 educational outreach programs, and more than 3,500 individual pieces of original material produced in over 150 workshop productions. In the last year she has raised thousands of dollars in scholarship money to “ensure a classroom that represents the great diversity of economic status, sexual orientation, race, and background that we see in our beloved 805 community.” Kim has also volunteered hundreds of hours to community organizations ranging from public and private schools, to multiple local non-profits, such as the Mixteco/Indigenous Community Organizing Project, MICOP.

Kim received a Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award from the City of Ojai in 2013 and, most recently, was named the 2018 Visionary of the Year by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

LILY BROWN, Producing Director & Producer of The Townies Podcast

Lily Brown is an actress, writer and director with a degree in Spanish, Drama and Political Science from Bennington College. She serves as the Producing Director at Kim Maxwell Studio, Co-Producer of The Townies Podcast and Associate Producer at Greenway Court Theatre. She was a staff writer and video content creator at the Bennington Free Press for four years. Since graduating, she has been in numerous productions at Kim Maxwell Studio and starred in the world premiere reading of “Dry Land” by Ruby Rae Spiegel at the Ojai Playwrights Conference. In 2017 Lily attended THREAD at Yale, a highly selective multimedia storytelling program offered each summer at Yale University.

MOLLY ALLISON, Managing Director

Molly laughs too easily at poor jokes, is extremely prone to injury, is a farmers market junkie and a Townie herself. A UC Santa Barbara Environmental Studies grad, she miiiiight talk a little too much about the importance of sustainable fishing practices. Molly attributes her best qualities to her twin brother, Robin, a theoretical mathematics smarty-pants and all around good soul. She has a great appreciation for people who can laugh at themselves and can get others to do the same, which has led her to Kim Maxwell Studio.

AMAURY SAUGRAIN, Director of Technology

Amaury is a French-native, embedded systems engineer who loves to skate. With a Master's Degree from ESIEE Paris, Amaury is ready to take the American tech industry by storm with his beautiful wife by his side.