Ages 10 - 13
Mondays, 3:30 - 5:30 PM
Sept. 9 - Nov. 11, 2019
Shows: Nov. 15 & 16, 2019


Inbetweeners Preteen Acting Writing Workshop Ojai

Having emigrated to New Jersey from the UK with her family at the age of 13 and moving around the country, Theodora finally settled in Ojai with her 8 year old daughter 5 years ago.  Before becoming a mother, Theodora operated a small catering company in LA and is currently working towards opening a zero-waste market in Ventura. As a young adult she travelled the world and taught English at a girls school in the foothills of the Himalayas, (Nepal), before attending Columbia University in New York City.  In college she directed and edited her own short films as well as being part of the theatre production crew at Barnard College. She currently maintains her membership with Slow Food International, regularly participating in fundraisers for local food justice organizations. She volunteers on local farms and cherishes her Wednesday mornings as a milk maid.

The work Theodora has completed in the last 2 years as a student and producer at Kim Maxwell Studio has deeply impacted her creative and personal life.  She has participated in and been witness to, the process of creating a safe space for others so that they can take the big creative risks that culminate in an increase in confidence, resilience and empathy and compassion.

Taking risks is a necessary and important part of the creative process.  It’s also scary. Having a safe and supportive space of peers and mentors to experiment in, teaches you to keep flexing that muscle of creativity no matter the outcome.  It is the antidote to perfection paralysis and the catalyst for continual growth.


“Theodora Holt is an inspiring, hilarious and wildly talented writer, performer, dramaturg and mom.  She leads with her heart, wit, compassion and absolute love of stories and the people who tell them.  I’m totally signing my brand new grand-child up for 2029.”
- Kim Maxwell, Principal at Kim Maxwell Studio, Co-Founder & Youth Program Director of the Ojai Playwrights Conference & Mom

“As the mom of a pre-teen herself and someone who reflects deeply about the journey that her child is on, I am confident that Theodora is uniquely qualified to create a safe space for them to express themselves wherever they many be in their journey”
- Vanessa Frank, Immigration Lawyer & Mom

“Theodora Holt offers a rare combination of inspirational natural talent and determined work ethic.  Theodora inspires through her powerful writing, compelling presence, and authentic delivery of the spoken word.  As a teacher who is also a mother of a pre-teen, she will inspire her students' creative spirit and encourage them to write, speak, and act their truth.”
- Doug Green, Non-Profit Consultant, Neighbor & Dad

“Theodora Holt?! What a gift to have her teaching any of our children! I have observed her process personally in our classes together. She is very present and available to the deepest expressions of her own feelings. She has an intense wit ,intelligence, and insight . Theodora’s has an innate ability to gently usher young adults in search of their words and their bravest voices. (I witnessed this in the very way she advocates her own daughter.) Theodora, with the utmost respect, will usher these students safely into those vulnerable places. I am thrilled that she will be at the helm of the teenage class. I look forward to all that is created and performed!”
- Trudy Frohlich, Author & Mom

*Scholarships available