How To: Download The Townies Podcast (iTunes)

Check out this informative screengrab video from KMS' own Lily Brown!

How To: Download The Townies Podcast (iTunes)!

Lily Brown

As the Marketing Director for a small, growing company, we needed a new website but felt priced out of the industry. And so, knowing the company's brand and mission like the back of my hand, I offered to give it a shot. With a bit of trial and error, drafting and revising, a "close-but-not-quite," a "nearly-there,"and a few good glasses of wine, we arrived... to a handsome, functional website that my boss (now client) loves.

Good Wine & Web Design is everything I love about marketing -- learning about and supporting the missions of local businesses, branding strategies and content that help the business to grow and thrive  -- with the super fun bonus design element. Also wine. I like wine.