We're workin' hard to bring you the content of a lifetime... Soon.

But right now we're busy getting ready to launch The Townies Podcast!! Which you can listen to starting March 4, 2017! Join us for our fabulous launch party at Topa Mountain Winery at 5:30PM for a good ol' fashioned listening party.

Bring your neighbors,

Bring a quilt,

And get fed.

Read more about our event HERE.

The Townies Podcast is something like a mix between The Moth and Prairie Home Companion... if Lake Woebegone were real. A live, storytelling podcast featuring the stories of your friends and neighbors who have been in Kim's class over the last 25 years.

Lily Brown

As the Marketing Director for a small, growing company, we needed a new website but felt priced out of the industry. And so, knowing the company's brand and mission like the back of my hand, I offered to give it a shot. With a bit of trial and error, drafting and revising, a "close-but-not-quite," a "nearly-there,"and a few good glasses of wine, we arrived... to a handsome, functional website that my boss (now client) loves.

Good Wine & Web Design is everything I love about marketing -- learning about and supporting the missions of local businesses, branding strategies and content that help the business to grow and thrive  -- with the super fun bonus design element. Also wine. I like wine.